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About Cover Graphics, Inc.

Cover Graphics, Inc. was founded in 1987 to serve Marketing and Communication professionals looking for innovative, effective solutions to their information packaging, and retail packaging needs. By bringing high quality, custom manufactured products, along with knowledgeable, courteous customer service to the marketplace, Cover Graphics has become a trusted supplier to fortune 500 companies and successful small businesses alike.

From inception we have worked to become the premier supplier of vinyl, turned edge, paperboard, and polyethylene document covers in the southeastern United States. Now with an expanded offering of products, and satisfied clients in California, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Israel; our reputation for quality work, done right the first time, is expanding globally as well as locally.

With industry leading, dedicated, manufacturing facilities throughout the Southeast and the Midwest, the Cover Graphics team is committed to bringing you skillfully made custom products in the most timely manner; products that your company or organization will be proud to be identified with. After all, once it leaves our factory, a cover bearing your name represents your company and impacts your brand. We want that to be a positive experience for you and your customers, that’s why we put the necessary time and effort into each individual job, to be certain it is done right before you receive it.

Our goal is to help you increase customer engagement with your products and services.

Our focus is on enhancing your brand with the highest quality, most innovative packaging products possible.

Our job is to improve the outcome of your project.

Our first step (the key) is communication; listening and asking questions until the scope of your requirements is fully understood. Then syncing those requirements with our experience and research, drawing on 30 years in custom packaging, with a fresh look at new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. We combine these with expertise from skilled craftsmen throughout our supplier network to propose a range of effective solutions, tailored to your cost and time constraints. Manufacturing then turns the solution you choose into dimensional packaging, skillfully constructed to help you achieve or exceed your desired outcome, on time, and within your budget.

Since 1987 Cover Graphics has been a part of many successful product introductions and marketing campaigns. Together with you, we anticipate being an integral part of your organization’s next successful product launch or promotion. Whether it’s one item designed to spark the interest of a small target group, or a suite of brand building collateral pieces, our versatility, experience, and expertise will help you achieve outstanding quantitative results.

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