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Display Boxes

Having trouble reaching that key prospect? Got a new product or program to introduce? Find yourself saying, "If I could just get their attention"? A custom Display Box from Cover Graphics might be the solution you've been searching for.
Let the Cover Graphics team design a display box that will make your product or message practically irresistibleWhen your samples arrive professionally packaged, your brand is certain to be enhanced. If there is a special event, an incentive program, or a service you want to draw attention to, sending the right promotional package is a great way to get results.
Display boxes from Cover Graphics command attention. They are sure to make an impact that will jump start a new product or program, or give a boost to an existing one.Even the best advertising can't persuade all of your target audience to try your products. If you could just get a sample in their hands, they would surely be anxious to buy more. We can help!
Anything from building materials to barbecue sauce, from contact lenses to computer software can be packaged in a display box.  As a full service manufacturer, we focus our efforts on structural design, printing, and fabrication of a packaging solution that's right for your needs. Our in-house die cutting, vacuum forming, heat sealing, film laminating, offset printing, silkscreening, folding, and gluing equipment, and most importantly...our expertise, is your advantage.
Put the Cover Graphics team to work on your project. We can help you through the process from conception and design to a finished, high-end product. Increase your chances of getting your product into the hands of the decision maker with one of our effective, creative packaging solutions. Cover Graphics is ready to help you awaken the potential of your products.