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Turned Edge Products

"Turned Edge" refers to a traditional method of book binding in which a cover material is glued and wrapped around a sturdy sub-assembly, such as a chipboard casing, with the edges glued down to the inside surface of the product. With "Turned & Stitched" products we take the process one step further and actually sew the cover material to the sub-assembly around the perimeter of the product. You are likely to find Cover Graphics' Turned Edge and Turned & Stitched products in the offices of many Fortune 500 CEOs. Proposals packaged in these covers are taken seriously around the globe. Expert craftsmanship and attention to detail are why our Turned Edge and Turned & Stitched products are widely recognized as the finest in the industry.

Unlike heat sealing which welds two layers of vinyl or plastic together, Turned Edge construction lends itself to the use of fine cover materials such as leather, linen and other fabrics. Turned Edge construction also allows offset printed, film laminated paper covers to be used in seamless four color process products. Turned and Stitched products are often made with expanded supported vinyls, a premium class of heavy gauge vinyl with a cloth or fabric backing made into it. These materials can then be silkscreened, embossed, debossed, or foil stamped to create your own truly distinctive presentation cover.

When considering a Turned Edge ring binder, menu cover, totebox, or portfolio, you first want to take into account the application, then choose between the following types of materials:

Type I - Coated or uncoated paper stock

Type II - Reinforced paper including Kivar, Corvon and others

Type III - Synthetic fibers such as Tyvek

Cloth - Woven cotton including Arrestox, Lexotone, Aqualite and others

Leather - Top Grain and Bonded leathers in an assortment of colors and grains

Whether you prefer the graphic capability of process color on laminated paper, the textured look and feel of linen, the practicality and durability of expanded/supported vinyl, or the timeless quality of genuine leather; you can count on Cover Graphics to convert your ideas into great results.