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Making a good impression is vital to any business. Your proposal, press kit, and company information can make a good impression when it arrives at your customer's office in a presentation folder from Cover Graphics. Since a presentation folder often contains the first communication a prospective client receives from your company, you want it to look as interesting and professional as possible. Cover Graphics' presentation folders are the most effective way to get your prospects' attention.

Ring Binders & Notebooks

When you start to assemble printed information for your proposal, documentation, or product catalog, you will need to select a vehicle to hold it. The most practical way to package your printed material is in a notebook or ring binder from Cover Graphics. If you place a priority on quality, the Cover Graphics team has just what you are looking for; the best materials, decoration, and assembly in the industry. Our ring binders are simply the top of the line. Let our representative show you the difference expert craftsmanship makes in our products and ultimately in your image. In case you were not sure whether to use a ring binder, consider that our binders are...


  • DURABLE: vinyl, polyethylene, and turned edge ring binders are very slow to wear out, and if your customer does wear one out, congratulate them and proudly give them another. If your sales staff wears one out, (this is rare), give them another one too, they probably deserve it.
  • VISIBLE: Your catalog acts as a silent salesman, keeping your name in front of your prospects and clients.


  • AFFORDABLE: Too bad the cost of everything hasn't remained as stable as the cost of ring binders. After 30 years of making ring binders, we are still selling them for about the same price as when we started.


  • PRACTICAL: Individual pages or entire chapters can be added or deleted with ease. Keep your information updated economically.


  • PORTABLE: Whether you are at the office, at home, or on the road, the information you need travels neatly along for your reference. No batteries require
Whether you prefer the graphic capability of laminated paperboard, the textured look and feel of linen, the contemporary look and durability of poly, the decorative options and practicality of vinyl, or the timeless quality of genuine leather; you can count on Cover Graphics to convert your ideas into great results.