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Poly products can provide depth and a creative edge to your marketing

Poly Packaging

A new universe of design possibilities awaits you with translucent polyethylene and polypropylene packaging. Unleash the creative power of your message on a medium that escapes the mundane. Cover Graphics has an unparalleled track record of producing award winning information packaging with the frosty clear look of translucent polyethylene. 
Our expertise with these exciting materials makes it easy for you to package your information and products in a custom poly box, notebook, binder, or folder that will give your company a noticeable edge.
Go ahead, stretch your imagination.
Because both sides of the cover material are printable, you will be able to read or see images through the cover that are printed on the inside as well as those printed on the outside. Polypropylene can be extruded very clear and even tinted if desired while polyethylene gives your package a frosty clear look. The gauge or thickness of the material also determines how clearly you can see the inside printing on your custom package. Translucent poly material is versatile enough that you can make almost anything imaginable with it.
If you need a custom shaped cover for your ring binder, a portfolio with curves, a sonic welded totebox with matching index dividers, or a forward thinking box to package your retail products; bring us your idea or let us develop an eye catching package to hold all your information.
Poly covers are not just versatile but are extremely durable and economical.
Even thinner gauges of poly will protect your documents from rain, coffee spills, and wear and tear.  Depending on quantity and artwork, you will find that a translucent polyethylene ring binder costs about the same as a traditional vinyl ring binder; or less in many instances. Cover Graphics has produced poly packaging solutions for some of the best graphic designers in the country. Shouldn't you be the next to discover the cutting edge design possibilities of translucent poly?
When you are ready to create some packaging excitement for your next presentation, call Cover Graphics, the experts in translucent polyethylene and clear polypropylene packaging solutions.